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We are your premier outfitter for adventures into Glacier Bay National Park and surrounding areas. A family-owned and operated business, we've been sharing this pristine Alaskan wilderness with people from all over the world for the past 40 years and counting. We are anxious to share this amazing place with you, and have activity options for anyone who loves the outdoors. Glacier Guides is fortunate to have some of the most experienced Captains in the area, familiar with navigation in the myriad of Islands in our area, and knowledgeable of where to find fish and wildlife. Each captain is US Coast Guard licensed, First- Aid trained, and an experienced Alaskan skipper.

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay was a great river of ice when John Muir explored it only a century ago. Now the bay is a water-filled fjord with glaciers falling out of the mountains to meet the water. This awesome landscape of fjords, glaciers, and towering mountains is simply glorious, and we'll feel as if we have it all to ourselves as we anchor in hidden coves, hike near massive tidewater glaciers, and kayak through pristine waters. A hike or paddle near the world's most famous glaciers will touch you for life - experiences you will never forget! The wildlife is as spectacular as the scenery, with Steller sea lions congregating on rocky islands, harbor porpoise feeding along the shores, and bald eagles peering down at us from ancient spruce trees. It is not uncommon for us to see Whales - most commonly Humpback, but also Orca if you are lucky, Sea Otter, Seals and yes, BEARS!

The advancing and retreating characteristics of the glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park are explained in simple terms. Up to 500 inches of precipitation falls on the 15,200 ft Mount Fairweather in the form of snow, compacting to ice. As the ice mass is being pulled down by gravity, it moves from inches to feet each day, moving from the high mountain-top to the sea. An unpredictable phenomenon that is observed in many glaciers in Glacier Bay is that of calving. Calving is a process in which pieces of ice get detached or break off from the glacier's face, irrespective of weather conditions, all the year round, and crash into the sea with thundering noise creating a boiling-like turbulence.

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